The Truth and the eternal being


This ancient knowledge, which is said to be not of human origin, formed the blueprints for humanity in terms of how we should live and interact with our environment and the world at large. This pure teaching gives the clear knowledge of who you are.

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“Thank you! I was reminded that every day after I walked the one year school with you, I have been happy, even in the midst of problems. And I still wake of this inner voice. These are the words my last dream was: “All my life I looked for myself, until I one day found myself.

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The World´s smartest….

smartest One day the world’s smartest man woke up and asked himself: “Who am I? Everything I know and understand to be me is a series of memories I experience as thoughts. Even my body is a series of thoughts; thoughts about body, hands, brain, hair and so on.

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Rune as guest on 6TV


Watch Rune Heivang’s interview on 6TV – guest of Mrs. Olga Croitoru and Mr. Roberto Grosa in the “Secret Powers” show.  


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The goal is limitless love


Everything except pure consciousness (pure love) is an illusion. But you cannot reach the goal if you don’t know what it is, and the target is not something you can think, touch or feel. To understand what boundless love is, you need to know what your true nature is. To be is more important than the goal. The target is to be what is boundless love. Time to get to know how it is.

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Events with Rune Heivang

rune heivang

We wil have many events in Romania in the near future. All events will be in English (with Romanian translation). English calendar will come soon, in the meantime, please visite:  and contact me for any questions in english:   



When you discover who you are – through deep investigation of your mind, thoughts and feelings – you discover your divine power and true nature. Then it is no doubt – only Truth. 


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Program in Bucuresti

last step

Ne intoarcem in Romania in octombrie, noiembrie, decembrie!


Universul ne-a invitat in Romania. Raspunsul nostru este da, venim. Vom STA aici pentru 50 de zile, in curand. Pentru inceput vom vizita prietenii din Timisoara si Cluj si vom organiza intalniri de seara, workshopuri si consultatii individuale. (Te poti programa pentru consultatii individuale acum, inainte ca noi sa venim.)

Urmatorul pas este Bucuresti, unde suntem incantati sa prezentam modalitati noi si mai profunde de a impartasi aceasta cunoastere cu voi. Vom

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